JUNE 12, 13, 14TH

LOCATION : north Georgia, near Blue Ridge and Ellijai, 1.5 hours north of Atlanta, nestled in the north Georgia mountains. Heartwood Community, 459 Johnson rd, Blue Ridge, GA

$25/adults $10/kids under 16 and free for kids under 8

We are not offering advanced tickets at this point so please pay at the door

Please bring a potluck dish for Friday night

An intentional mystical multidimensional experience in nature full of spirit, art, yoga, meditation, healing touch and frequencies, love and light and freedom! Let’s express ourselves!

A Performance and Healing Arts festival with sacred music! Consider changing the world through Art!

Come dressed as your most enlightened and expressive self, bring an instrument, poetry, bathing suit!! Bring something you would like to put on an alter to add your energy and intentions to help activate the land to a high frequency vibration! We will kick off the weekend with an improve, open mic, poetry, talent show  Friday night and potluck, please bring a small dish or desert, we will be at the acoustic stage.  Saturday and Sunday we will have sound healing music, speakers, workshops, Yoga classes, group meditations, healing circles, healing modalities, alternative arts, hand made art, face painting, kid’s Theater workshops, kid village. Saturday night, we will gather in the woods at the acoustic stage for a grand performance with Nomadic Love Mesa! The kids theater will perform on Sunday.  Come camp, get a massage, do Yoga, listen to beautiful music, connect with other like minded peaceful folks, connect with nature, your inner child, and the beauty that surrounds us at every moment!

Music and Performance arts
Blue Spirit Wheel
The Nomadic Love Mesa
Terra Tonz
Nattie Love Joys
Flying Mystics
Matthew Barbaro
Christina Musumeci

Healing modalities:
Robert Klein-energy medicine in the Andean tradition
John LaughingHawk-Massage and acupressure
Jim Wilbanks- Healing Touch
Cyndi L Singh-chair massages
Julene Mcgaw-Massage and Singing Bowls
Doc Stephie Rae-Chiropractic and healing music therapy tuned in natural Universal Frequency
Crystall Merrell-herbal foot bath
Teatrees Boutique Spa-mini Raindrop Essential oil Treatments

John LaughingHawk -Yoga for Ascension and Toning for the Chakras
-Catherine Yellowroot- Gong Meditation
Christina Law-Yin Yoga and sacred music
Denver Boskey-Aerial Yoga
Morgan Abaroa -Acro Yoga
Jo Ann Yates and Grant Fashbaugh-Partner Yoga
Leighanne NealHeartwood Health, Art & Yoga​

speakers, booths, workshops:
– Catherine Stinson Yellowroot- plant spirit journey and medicine making
David Busch-Spiritual organic gardening
-Katy Jo Schroer- edible plants & fairy exploration for all ages
-The Duchess of Love-Movement In-Body
Doc Stephie Rae-Songwriting classes are for all ages.
Julene Mcgaw-tarot
Jim Baze – Steve Atwood​
Julene Mcgaw-self Maintenance workshop,

Kid’s Village
Erika Weaver-Coleman and Todd Coleman-Kid’s Theater
Ben Jones- Animal Play for the Child in Us All,
Brooke Ussery-face painting
Natash Kriesle-crafts for kids ( flower seed bombs….) and
“wild girls empowerment” girls 8 and up
-Rob Withrow-facemugs

Healing Circles
Aumdoc Rick Clofine- “Despacho-inspired Earth Gratitude Ceremony”
David Busch-Water gratitude Healing Circle
John LaughingHawk-Elder Trees activation
Doc Stephie Rae–The 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki : The Rite of the Womb.
Natasha Kriesle-Water Ceremony Song for women

Catherine Stinson Yellowroot-healing Herbs
Natasha Kriesle-dreamcatchers
Body Art and Henna ! with EnRapturing Entertainment (Rosemary Kimble)
Eddie knox-jewerly
Sol Morado-tie Dye
-Dasaratha Suta-handmade bamboo meditation flutes and original cosmic yoga music CDs.
-Sarita Lisa- whimsical clothes made from recycled silk saree material and vintage tribal textiles as well as some of my hand made tiaras and earrings

Check out the amazing FESTIVAL SCHEDULE!!!!

12pm-doors open
5:30-Circle of Gratitude-Drum Circle
5:30 Kid’s Theater orientation/Yoga deck
6 Potluck at main kitchen
7 Variety show/Main stage (improve/open mic)
9:30 Drum Circle

830-Natao-Qi qong-Yoga deck
930 Elder trees activation-John LaughingHawk
930-11:30- Kid’s Theater workshop-Erika Weaver-Coleman-acoustic stage
10 Despatcho at Elder Trees Circle-Aumdoc Rick Clofine
11 Yoga for Ascension and toning for the Chakras-John Laughinghawk-Yoga deck
11-Catherine Stinson Yellowroot plant spirit journey and medicine making
12 Jim Baze drum workshop-Steve Atwood-Drum circle
1230-Terra Tonz music-Main stage
1 Brunch-main kitchen
1:45 Water Gratitude healing circle-David Busch-Drum Circle
230-Blue Spirit Wheel-Main stage
330-The Duchess of Love-Movement In-Body-Yoga deck
3:30-5:30 Kid’s Theater workshop-acoustic stage
430-Flying Mystics-Main stage
430-Katy Jo Schroer-edible plants & fairy exploration for all ages-kids village
4:30 Partner Yoga-Jo Ann Yates/Grant Fashbaugh-Yoga deck
530-Yoga Flow-Leighanne-where the wild things are-Yoga deck
5:30- Songwriting-Stephanie Rae Hubert Grenier-kids village
6:30- Dinner-main kitchen
630-Nattie Love Joys-Main stage
8–Catherine Yellowroot- Gong Meditation-Yoga deck
9 Nomadic Love Mesa performance-acoustic stage-procession from main stage
10 Drum Circle

8-Tai Chi-Marc Kaplan-Yoga deck
9 Women’s water blessing song-Natasha Kreisle-beach lake
930 Yin Yoga-Christina Law guitar/chant-Yoga deck
10-Mathew Barbaro-Main stage music
10:45 Animal Play for the Child in Us All- Ben Jones-Yoga deck
1130-Christina Musumicci-Main stage
12 Brunch (kids eat 1145)-Main kitchen
12-1 kid’s get ready for performance-Acoustic stage
1 kid’s Theater-acoustic stage
2:30-Organic Gardening-David Busch,Ben Jones and Meghan Cole-Main stage
2:30-Wild Girl’s Empowerment-Natasha Kreisle-kid’s village
3-Acro Yoga -Morgan Arbora-Yoga deck
3:30- Rite of the Womb-Stephanie Rae Hubert Grenier-Drum Circle
4-Julene Mcgaw-self Maintenance workshop-Yoga deck
430-Katy Jo Schroer-edible plants and fairy exploration-kids village

Potluck Friday night, bring a small dish or desert, we will be at the acoustic stage for improve, open mic, talent show, poetry!
There will be camping, swimming, toilet and showers.

you are welcome to call me with any questions 404-587-8016
email: awakeningbalance@gmail.com

Christina Law

Erika Weaver-Coleman and Todd Coleman-Mystic Sherpa’s Myth-makers theater workshop for kids 6 to 12, under 6 ok with parental unit attending, over 12 ok as well, of course . Friday afternoonish character making craft, two workshops Saturday developing character, story, stage presence and teaching the three rings of performance with a final workshop sunday as a lead up to performance of Grandmother Spider Brings the Sun. Parents- please bring your kiddos something preferably all black or all white to wear for Sunday performance and any fabrics, beads, feathers and craft items will be most graciously appreciated.

Denver BoskeyAerial Yoga in the trees! with instructors from Blue Mountain Yoga in Blue ridge GA giving mini sessions on how to use them

AumDoc Rick Cofine– Despacho-inspired Earth Gratitude Ceremony-This Ceremony focuses on Gratitude for Mother Earth / Pachamama and  is inspired by the Despacho’s of my teachers in The Qero Nation.  Despacho means dispatch (or offering).  Together we will create a mandala of natural elements which will hold Blessings of Gratitude from each of us.  This offering will become a Sacred Bundle, then used to cleanse and bless each one of us before being burned in a fire.  Thank you Mother!

Sloan and Steve AtwoodDjembe workshop-Bring your drum to Dancing in the Trees! Jimbaze will have a vending tent on Saturday to help you with all your djembe needs. We can assess and tune your drum on site and schedule reheadings if necessary. We will also have some drums for sale. Jimbaze is the collective effort of the love and labor of Steve Atwood, Don Whitaker, Sloan Atwood, and Pam Whitaker. Thank you each and everyone for all of your positive support. Steve Atwood will also be leading a community drumming workshop
on Saturday

Ben Jones- Animal Play for the Child in Us All, this will be a blend of nature awareness play and animal form Qi Gong. This play session is aimed at children, and is open to the adventurous adult. So bring your growl, wings, claws, four legs, and sense of awe. Let’s have some fun!
Rosemary KimbleEnrapturing Entertainment Body Art and Henna Deva, providing all natural hand painted henna body art, using the finest quality natural henna as well as face and body painting for your enjoyment. http://www.enrapturingentertainment.com
David Busch- Water, Gratitude, Healing Circle” Join us to experience water in a new way, and let us all join our good thoughts and prayers together, to use it to heal ourselves and the planet. Please bring a bottle of water, preferably, from your place.thank you
and Talk-Spiritual Gardening.  Get Your Organic Garden Questions Answered Here! 38 Years of Experience at Your Disposal.followed by Q and A
Natasha Kriesle–  Wild Girls Empowerment circle for girls 8-12.
-Water ceremony, Women will learn and sing a song by running water, men can join the circle and support
Crafts and planters for kids
 Stephanie Kohler, of Ashtanga Yoga Atlanta and Blue Spirit Wheel, will lead foundational pranayama techniques, such as alternate nostril breathing and breath retention. All levels welcome!

Robert Klein offers energy medicine in the Andean tradition. He studied shamanism at Alberto Villoldo’s Healing the Light Body School and with Peruvian Q’ero elders including Don Mariano Quispe Flores.  His work can help you end old patterns and create a new positive future. It clears your luminous energy field of imprints of past traumas. Energy and entity extractions, soul retrieval, and destiny retrieval may also be part of a session. Robert has been practicing bodywork for thirty years in Athens, GA and specializes in CranioSacral Therapy and Neuromuscular Therapy as well as energy medicine.

Doc Stephie Rae, Quality Life Chiropractor, peak performance chiropractic adjustments for families, athletes and performing artists, Certified in Pediatrics. Stephie Rae, singer songwriter and music therapist, teaching songwriting classes for ages 8 and up. Ceremony for Women of the Jungle, the

Jim Wilbanksis a student of Healing Touch. HT involves individual sessions which clear congestion in and balance chakras. Techniques involve magnetic clearing, pain reduction, and clearing of the mind.Munay-Ki 13th Rite, The Rite of the Womb for females of all ages, the Womb is not a place to store fear and pain, the Womb is to create and give birth to life. Teach also how to Nurture the Rite on the Dark moon.

Crystal Merrillherbal foot bath, interactive and instructional

 Hope Johnson KillingsworthTeatrees Boutique Spa located in Blue Ridge GA, mini Raindrop Essential oil Treatments and Massage

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